When we were in San Francisco, we met up with Candice + Amos for their engagement session and had an amazing time with these two! While exploring the coast, we encountered killer kites, nudists, and seaside ruins! Pretty much awesome afternoon!


Such a deep anwers! GD&RVVF

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What a fun engagement session. Love the kites and the oragami! Great job.

the sunset’s gorgeous!

These are incredibly beautiful.

These photos are spectacular. There’s a feeling of romance and a great dream-like quality to them. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

Oh, how I miss the Bay Area!

I love these! I’m living in San Francisco and I just had to ask… are those forest shots in The Presidio? I’d love to go there… and where is the last portion taken.. on the ledge?

Hope you don’t mind me asking! 🙂

You guys take amazing photos. Keep on, keepin’ on.

– Pauline

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