“Larger than the moon, my love for you
Worlds collide as heaven pulls us through
The secret of the world is written in the stars
I’m carrying your heart in mine

What a beautiful smile
Can I stay for awhile?
My beautiful love”

– The Afters


[…] A favorite place to cuddle up together with a blanket – Photography by, Stephanie Williams […]

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Oh my goodness. This is so adorable!!!!

I love these engagement photo session in the laundromat and then I love how the laundry is tied into the second location. So amazing.

The laundry mat and ice cream…what a fun (and stunning) couple!

These are so lovely! Everything is brown and awful here right now and these put forth a serious case of living location envy. Did you shoot film with these?

Looooove!! Your new site is fabulous too!

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